Use A Needle Valve To Control Your Air Cylinder Speed!

Numerous modern machines utilizing compressed air as a vitality source, use air cylinders or other pneumatic actuators to accomplish the genuine work. ┬áCompressed air is ‘unstable’ as it moves from high strain to low weight on its way back to climate. That implies when the air valve moves and air streams to the cylinder, the cylinder and bar moves very rapidly. A rapid cylinder pole may not be best for your application, and you will need to lessen the speed and the effect.

Air Tanks

One simple strategy for controlling the speed of an air cylinder is introducing stream controls in the air lines between the valve to the air cylinder, in the cylinder ports themselves, or even in the fumes ports of the air valve, however the last is least attractive.

In the ‘valve exhaust’ type stream control the controls themselves might be far enough away from the cylinder that the cylinder and pole may have ventured to every part of the full stroke before the fumes stream control can begin back-constraining the line to slow the binh chua khi nen. Cylinder control response time is in every case contrarily influenced relying upon the good ways from the cylinder to the stream control.

A few people settle on needle valves to choke the progression of air into and out of the air cylinder, in this manner diminishing it is speed. The issue with utilizing a needle valve to control the speed of an air cylinder is that it chokes the compressed air stream similarly in the two headings.

In the event that you are utilizing a bigger cylinder, by choking the air into the cylinder, you are really forestalling the smooth cylinder stroke wanted. As air pressure works in the cylinder it will arrive at where it beats the rubbing of the cylinder and bar seals and the cylinder will begin to move. As it moves, it builds the volume of the air space inside the cylinder behind itself. The cylinder advances toward one finish of the cylinder making a bigger zone behind than before it. This is a region into which air needs to stream rapidly to guarantee that the cylinder continues moving. In the event that the air inrush cannot stay aware of the expanding cavity size there will be deficient strain to keep the cylinder moving, and it will stop. So too will your cylinder bar, and whatever tooling you have introduced on its finish.

The dependable guideline for utilizing a stream control to lessen and smooth air cylinder head out is to just choke the fumes air from the cylinder. The air streaming into the cylinder port ought to never be decreased.